Artist of the day: Beautiful women + beautiful music = a Beautiful Chorus

by Ashy to Jazzy in

Don't Waste Your Time, Love by Beautiful Chorus

We're shining today's spotlight on the beautiful and talented women of Beautiful Chorus. Originally organized by Alexandrah Love (of Solillaquists of Sound), this group is a collection of individually talented women that combine their gifts and skills to create a truly beautiful chorus. This group also features one of our previous spotlight artists, emcee ETurn, as one of the 12 songbirds.

Resonance Meditation

They call their genre "resonance meditation", and the 12 are currently touring the West coast on The Tour of ABUNDANCE to help spread this new form of harmonic/resonant/ethereal mediation and music (click here for more info on resonance meditation). Check out their website and facebook to stay updated and definitely get out to see these talented women when they're in a city near you! Talented, beautiful, artistic, empowered women spreading positivity and self-growth?....yeah, this group is for sure on "LoDo approved" status!